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Mayumi’s Onigiri Rice Balls. My friend Mayumi is always bringing these seasoned rice balls to our picnics and bbq’s on the beach. They are outstanding so she decided to show us exactly how she makes them. You will need a special kind of Japanese rice seasoning for these (FURIKAKE). You can purchase these from Amazon or directly from my website.

This is a fun and informative video. If you can get your hands on some of this seasoning I highly recommend these. You will love them. My personal favorite the salted plum. Delish!

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Makes about 40 rice balls
5 cups good quality medium grain rice
6 cups water
Japanese rice seasoning
Water and salt for shaping

Place the five cups of rice in a rice cooker and wash thoroughly changing your water twice.

Add 6 cups of water on top of the rice. Cook as per rice cooker instructions. Once it is done let the rice sit for five minutes. After five minutes stir the rice with a wooden spoon, cover it and allow it to sit for an extra five minutes.

Place half of the rice in a big bowl and add a 36.3 gram (1.29 ounces). Add the seasoning in batches, mixing well as you add. You do not want any large areas of white rice in your bowl. Play it by ear. You might not need all the seasoning either. If you have any leftover seasoning keep it in a sealed bag.

Wet your fingers and place about ¼ cup of seasoned rice in your hand. Cup your other hand and start lightly squeezing the rice and flipping it after each squeeze. After three or four flips, swipe some salt on your palm and finish forming your rice. You want it to be a perfect triangle.

Serve these with some Japanese soy sauce as a side for anything you like. You can store these in a closed container in the fridge for about three days.

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